Cookie Policy

Find out more about how uses cookies to improve the user experience and make it as useful and as informative as possible.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small pieces of information that contain an anonymous unique identifier that are stored on your internet browser after you have visited a website. This can then be used to improve your experience by displaying information that is most relevant to you based on your cookies. The below shows how uses cookies and their purpose:

The majority of cookies expire in 30 days, but you can also choose to clear them manually whenever you wish through your internet browser settings. Google Analytics cookies may remain for longer, but can still be cleared out whenever you wish.

How uses cookies only uses cookies to determine how you interact with the website, such as page views, time spent on pages and how many times you visit the website. None of the information or cookies that you provide to us make you identifiable in anyway beyond broad parameters such as which country you are in.

As an example of how cookies are used is on the number checker page. Once you have checked a line of numbers and leave the website, you may notice the numbers are pre-selected when you return, in order to make it as easy as possible to check your ticket again.

You can delete your cookies at any time through your browser history settings, and it is completely up to you when you do so. You can also disable cookies completely in the same settings area, although this may make interactions with this website and others less user friendly.