How to Claim a Prize

Because Loto Santiago is an online-only lottery, claiming a prize could not be easier. You will be automatically notified of a prize win via your registered email address and, depending on the amount, the prize money will be paid into your player account immediately following the draw.

Winning the Jackpot

If you match all the numbers drawn with those on your ticket then you have won the jackpot. You will be contacted from an official agent of Loto Santiago either via email or via telephone should you have a number registered to your account.

If you haven’t done so already, then you will be asked to provide some documents to prove your identity matches the details on your account. This will typically be in the form of a government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, along with a utility bill to confirm the address. Once this has been cleared, the agent will arrange with you to have the money wired directly to your bank account due to the size of the payout.

If you are contacted by someone who claims you have won the jackpot but then asks you to send them money to ‘release’ the jackpot amount then this is a scam and you should not respond. Lottery scams can be common, so the best way to make sure you don’t get hit by one is to check your numbers against the results manually. More signs of a scam can be found on our dedicated scams page.

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Other Prizes

If you win a prize that is not the jackpot then the amount will be credited to your online account immediately following the draw. You will still be notified via email that you have won, but it is recommended that you check your numbers using our ticket checker to see for yourself. There are two types of prizes you can win:

It is possible to win both a free bet and a cash prize at the same time should you match sufficient numbers. You can find more details on the Prizes page.