Special Draws

Special draws will take place from time to time and offer higher jackpots than the amounts usually played for in each draw. The entry cost still remains the same and there are still other prizes to be won, but the jackpot amount for matching all six numbers and the Joker ball will increase by a substantial amount. There is no specific schedule for when these draws will take place, but they will usually be held to mark special occasions and will be announced on the media or blog pages.

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* Equivalent to €500,000


The normal jackpot that you can play for twice a week is €500,000 ($495 Million), but in a special draw this can increase up to 10x to €5 Million ($4.95 Billion). That’s not to say the special draw will always increase to this amount, as it may still increase but to less than 10x the normal jackpot. The jackpot prize will also still be shared if there are multiple winners.

The other prizes that you can play for in a normal draw can still be won in special draws, such as the free bet bonus for matching the Joker ball or €0.50 ($495) for matching just two numbers.

Just like every other draw, the jackpot does not roll over if it is not won and will reset to the usual amount of €500,000 ($495 Million). That makes it key to enter special draws when they are coming up as those are the only times you will see jackpots that high!

Past Special Draws

The below table shows the special draws that have taken place previously, including the date on which they took place, the jackpot amount and the winning numbers

Date of Special Draw Jackpot Amount Winning Numbers
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